How to Install Car Spoiler?

Aftermarket spoilers are supposed to reduce drag and enhance the look of your car. Available in a variety of shapes and types, the installation also varies. Let us discuss as to how you can install a spoiler on your car.

1. Safety and Tools

Before you start with the process, make sure that you have your safety gear on and appropriate tools. The spoiler needs to sit in the right place, otherwise it would just look odd. Therefore, try marking the locations for it to sit right. Sometimes due to mishandling, the spoiler could run across the paint and result in scratches. Hence, you need to make sure that the surroundings areas are also properly covered.

2. Measuring Trunk Lid

Measuring the trunk lid is an important step of the process. As already mentioned, a spoiler would only look good if it sits right. You can use a measuring tape to measure the trunk lid, which should include the length and width. Also make sure that the underside of the trunk is also considered so that if there are any bolts that need to be screwed, are properly placed.

3. Buying Spoiler

Purchasing a rear spoiler in car requires a bit of research and local hunt. You can visit different accessory shops that deal in such things and get an idea. If that is not working, you can always ask around from your friends or relatives to share some tips and even search the internet for that purpose. Every shop is going to have a selected variety. The reason it will take time is that you will need a perfect one.

Not every spoiler is going to suit your car. Therefore, while you are at it and spending money, make sure that you are spending it on the right thing. Try to get your hands on that is manufactured for your car, universal spoilers can also be purchased but then you will need to make certain adjustments for it.

4. Assembling

Assembling the spoiler is going to require patience and precision. Double check the measurements to be sure and follow the instructions or you can watch videos on YouTube just to be on the safe side. Position the brackets of the spoiler so that they fit properly. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts to make sure that the brackets are secured.

5. Spoiler Location

Before putting on the spoiler and fitting it, observe the spoiler from every angle to see if it sits properly. Even a slight misfit will not make it look good. By now, you already have made the markings as well, follow the markings to have the spoiler sit the right way, facing the correct direction.

6. Making Installation Holes

This is not for the light hearted. For this step, you will need to drill holes in the trunk. You can ask a friend to help you in the process. Sand the holes so that the edges smooth out and then apply paint coat to prevent it from rusting. Position the spoiler and tighten the bolts, making sure that the spoiler does not move at all.


Conclusively, installing rear spoiler in car is not that complex. You just need the right tools and some guidance to do it.

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