7 Things Your Hospital Needs to Upgrade

1. Patient Portal

Patient portal is the one where the patient’s details and medicines and tests are all saved at one place. While going through a patient portal I realized that it has everything except one thing is it. Do you know what? It usually doesn’t have a diagnosis the doctor made fed in it. I know you might be feeling that why did you not realize this all these years.

Anyway, don’t you think if this portal is updated in a way that the patient’s symptoms and diagnosis are also recorded in it so that the patient himself is aware of what is wrong with him rather than has to depend on his relatives to talk to his/her doctor to know about the actual suffering. Moreover, this portal might also help the patient if they are seeking a second opinion which is consulting another doctor to be sure about the suffering and its treatment. So changes must be made to the patient portal.

2. Single Database

Today big hospitals have branches at different locations so to ensure that the patients and even their doctors and nurses are not faced with the issue of entering the patient’s record and past history again and again every time they visit a new branch, it’s important to integrate the system and have one single database like PACS on cloud.

A good PACS DICOM viewer on cloud system will help you get access to the patients profile easily even if the patient comes to another location where you do your OPD on different days and timings. PACS on cloud is a must for hospitals these days.

3. Integrate System with Mobile Apps

Since today everyone can literally forget to put in their house keys when in a hurry but can never forget to take their phones with them, it’s important to upgrade your system and connect it with mobiles. An integration of patient portal and authentic mobile health tracking apps like Isabel is a good idea. Plus, it will also reduce your time to diagnose a disease.  I think this upgrade must be made at the earliest as it will make your work faster and efficient. Trust me this update will be a hit!

4. Water Facility

Clean water is extremely important and especially if you are working in a facility that’s related to taking care of the health of the people. Filtered water is sad to be safe for drinking but don’t you think that installing dispensers is a better option?

5. Help Bell

In emergency usually the patients call you if you are a nurse, and tell you what they need when you are on a round. So don’t you think a help bell will be good option and would make your job a little hectic and would be a good choice for both you and the patients? Like they can ring the bell when they need anything and only then you will be required to go and attend the patient instead of taking unnecessary rounds every next minute to check if anyone needs anything.

6. Data Entry

This must be made automated to speed up the process and avoid errors.

7. Internet

Since today everything works using an internet so make sure you upgrade it to avoid any issues.

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