Why My Medical Staff Is Unhappy?

Medical profession is a very difficult job to maintain and there can be a development of discontent among the medical workers. There are a number of reasons your staff might be feeling unhappy which are mentioned below.

1. Low Pay

Let’s be honest, people get a job to pay their bills. In the medical field, the medical workers are required to have quick reflexes in decision making and sometimes putting in some extra work hours like in a case of emergency. This puts a load on your staff and they may start to reconsider their job contract. The issue of low salary is very common for making the medical staff unhappy.

2. Not Being Appreciated

Your staff is the backbone of your clinic and not appreciating them makes them very unhappy. Medical jobs are very stressful which makes the staff feel tired and unmotivated to carry out their tasks. Appreciating the staff individually, motivating and recognizing them by name will boost their morale to a beneficial extent. A simple reward by the end of the month to the best employees is a very good practice many offices have adopted to keep the staff motivated.

3. Not Being Listened To

Another reason that your staff might be unhappy because they are not being listened to. Your staff are humans too and they can also get overwhelmed with all the stress and workload in the clinics. Listening to them often is the best way to make them feel less stress. Talking about their work problems will make them feel light so they can perform their tasks with a clear head.

4. Unclear Role for the Job

The duties and responsibilities of the job should be made clear to your staff from the get-go. Having to do one thing when you signed up to do another may not be right for the staff member or the organization itself. For example, giving an untrained employee the task to tell the bad news to the family of the deceased is not the way to go. The situation of your clinic may add up to their responsibilities and duties substantially overtime.

5. Having To Do Everything Manually

The world has progressed itself from the manual system to the automated one. Medical organizations have also upgraded to the faster, better and more reliable automated system on the computers for recording the patients’ data, communicating within the organization and other stuff. Clinics that are not taking advantage of the technology still have to do everything manually on paper. The manual insertion by writing the forms and prescription makes the employee’s unhappy as they are also habitual of using technology. Make sure that your office is upgraded to the latest technology to not only make your staff happy but also for the security and less risk of losing the data.

6. Old Equipment

Just like your patients, your staff wouldn’t like to use old equipment and outdated methods of medical data storage. You should use EHR and best DICOM viewer for Windows for medical data storage.

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Better care for patients depends solely on the staff and if your staff members aren’t happy then patient care would be compromised. Make sure that these reasons are looked over and solved.

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