Tips to Keep Your Medical Images Away from Hackers

PACS vendors and developers will go a bit more miles to encourage getting their solution that’s safe to use. But, it’s not a wise decision to depend on their word. The worst thing is that you may find your system was compromised as well as hacked if you’re not aware of it.

Also, the issue of hacking may be happened a lack of taking the actions to guard your medical images. Most people think it’s very tough to protect their information from the prying eyes of the hackers. But, it’s not as difficult as you’re thinking.

Indeed, it’s very simple to keep away from a breach and just takes some time to implement. No matter which software you’re using, DICOM viewer Android or something else, taking necessary actions to prevent hackers is very vital. Well, let’s know some effective tips to keep your patient’s images away from hackers.

Never Share Your Passwords

Among your staff who use your workstation, they should get their passwords and usernames. It’s like the old proverb that says, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” You should importantly give the access to your patient’s images to your staff members whatever their account entails. And probably this is your plan.

But, you’ll not be able to assign answerability to anybody if all of them are using a single account. It means that when it comes to HIPAA compliance, it requires protected health information. Also, they put everyone under their microscope.

Avoid Recycling Passwords

This is very simple and plain. But, it’s very important to follow, especially if you’re using the same account or password for everything you’re using among the smart devices and websites. These include your phone, email, bank account, and patient associated accounts.

Not just these things, the remaining of your other accounts are at threat for a hacking as well. These are why you always should use different passwords and usernames for different accounts. Although it’s a bit tough for some people, it’s very important to keep your things safe and secure.

Add Capital Letters, Numbers & Symbols

Most vendors suggest creating a longer password as they think it more secure. But, your password is still at risk of hacking if you just use numbers or alphabet. The worst thing is to use popular phrases. These all increase your chances to fall into the risk of breaching because these things can’t make a stronger password alone.

However, if you mix up these things together then you’ll get your desired and powerful password. It means that you have to use the number, capital letters, and symbols on your password that will make it unbreakable.

Use A Good Password Manager

If you’re a user of Windows or Mac OS, you’ll find lots of apps and software that help you to auto-generate the toughest password. As a result, if you don’t like to make a longer password, you can use a password manager to make your job done. But, don’t forget that you should make a strong password to use your said password manager. This way you can secure your passwords for other software like android DICOM viewer.

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