Tips to Do Online Shopping for Car Rooftop Tents

Yes, that’s Overlanding. I remember when it was just called off-road camping. But well, I think having a slick and marketable new name doesn’t hurt it. To help it, the growing Overlanding movement has given birth to a huge industry.

And the rooftop tent is at the forefront of it all. Also, don’t get me wrong; it isn’t just a frivolous accessory like that. I’m not going to say they’re everybody’s best pick.

But, they were pretty amazing. Like best all weather floor mats for cars, here are a few different categories to remember while looking for a rooftop tent online:

Lightweight Rooftop Tents

The variety of vehicles you see is one of the main things about the Overlanding scene. It’s pretty normal to see a little Subaru Crosstrek romping around just the same. This is next to the giant EarthRoamers and decked out Rams.

If it’s you, you will not be staring at a large tent on top that is half the size and weight of the vehicle itself. This is where tents like the Low-Pro 2 Tepui come in.

They can be built-in sizes to sleep two or three persons. And come in as light as 105lbs, making it one of the lightest RTTs on the market (between 130-160lbs).

Reasonably Priced Rooftop Tents

It becomes fairly obvious, no matter what level of tent you are shopping for. This even the budget choices in the segment are not necessarily inexpensive.

So even though you make the “minimal” investment, it will still cost you a good chunk of change for every rooftop tent. Fortunately, we’re at a stage in the sector where most of the main problem points have been sorted out.

The Body Armor SkyRidge Pike 2 and the Raptor Series Offgrid Voyager come in at about $900 and $850.

Fitting Of the Rooftop Tents

On fitment, there are two things to bear in mind: the weight and the footprint. You will probably find all the details you need from your owners’ manual for that. So, it’s not bad to bust out the measuring tape to get a thing of the measurements.

You don’t want the tent larger than the width of the vehicle to stand out. As well as the overall length, you may want to estimate the gap between the roof rails.

First, you’ll want to check your owner’s manual for your roof rack’s weight ability. There are two weights to pay attention to here, and only one may be specified in your manual. They’re static and dynamic weight limits.

Additional Parts & Accessories

There’s nothing more important about mounting your tent other than the roof rails, but you may like to include some quality of life accessories. You’ll need a rope, of course, to get up into the tent, but most tents come with one.

You may require an extension ladder to help get up with those with, especially tall rigs. Several tent manufacturers often sell Zip-on annexes that stretch from the tent entrance down to the field. This will allow you a bit more room so you can get up and change and some anonymity.

Now you know the tips to do online shopping for car. In this way you can also buy car floor mats online.

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