Things You Need To Look For In a Personal Blender

We’re repeating here the term ‘personal’ to refer to its size. The blender that we’re talking about should be compact and powerful. Also, it needs to be not just hands-free; it also should be user-friendly.

That means it has to have all most all qualities of any larger-sized blender, despite we’re saying personal blender. Although we recommend looking for the smaller size blender, it should be able to do most out of its size.

It should be small in size to accommodate a small apartment or dorm. It’s because this is the lifestyle of these days. So, before you look for the “best rated air fryer”, let’s know what you should look for in a personal blender.

Motor Power

Are you looking for the best mini blender for smoothies? Or, are you fond of blending soft foods like yogurt or bananas? If yes, then you have to get a blender that has less power of blending than some other things. These things include ice, vegetables, and frozen fruits. They’re a bit harder on your motor.

As a result, your blender needs more wattage or power. As you know, the range of the personal blenders is from 200 watts to 1200 watts. So, you should get a blender that’s at least 400 watts that will help you make high-quality blends smoothly.

If you get less than this power, it’ll be a risk for the smaller motor. While having a powerful motor allows you to get more things to kitchen prep.

These include mixing and grinding foods. But, don’t forget one thing that higher power motor means a bit noisier blender. This could be an issue if you blend when people sleep.

Blender Size

On the standard countertop, a blender of full-size is 17-inch tall. Also, it comes with a base of up to 8-inch wide. But, when it comes to the personal blender, it has a height of 9-inch to 13-inch. And the wide of its base will not be more than the counter itself.

These are the largest selling points of the device we’re talking about as the personal blender. It doesn’t come in larger than the space of the countertop. If it’s bigger than your countertop, then it’s not a personal blender.

Blade Quality

Check for blenders with blades of stainless steel. Take a fabricator who does not find this an important feature. The stone is long-lasting and solid enough to crush the ice.

You have the best option of interchangeable stainless steel blades. The mixture increases your blend’s longevity. Moreover, it becomes less fragile and much easier to crack and scrub.

You can extract the blades quickly from the container and wash them by hand with soap under running water. However, be careful. They are sharp – and why not cast them in the dishwasher, too. It’s not smart.

Speed Settings

The manufacturers want to be flourishing so that you can find at least 3-speed settings on most personal blending machines on the market. That’s what you can take care of. Pass on if you do not think it helps you with pulse power.

You should start with the lowest at 3-speed settings until you can progressively raise it for well-mixed drinks. The right world must not be a game of guessing. Certain blenders have pre-programmed options, including ‘soup’ and ‘smoothie.’

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