These Are The 8 Most Expensive Sofas Ever

Sofas are extremely luxurious and stylish and make your home a comfortable. Furniture upholstery shop plays a major role in giving your home a chic look considering how fast furniture gets old, right?

However, you will find it interesting to have a look at a list of the most expensive sofas.

  1. Onyx Sofa

The onyx sofa is a stylish way to give your home an outdoor look. This sofa is 10 feet long and is made of real volcanic lava stone and carbon fiber. The main objective of the Onyx sofa is to provide a balance between high-tech and modern material and natural materials. It is catchy and gives your home a new life with its haunting look.

  1. Diamond Encrusted Sofa

These sofas are custom built and are made with leather, mahogany wood, and a gloss finish. A number of authentic diamonds are studded all over it making it exclusively luxury furniture. The fine finish of the sofa and the diamonds make it all the more expensive.

  1. The Eames Sofa

The Eames sofa is a three-seat sofa and a tuneful blend of leather, wood, and aluminum. The backs, seats, and armrest are made of leather. The frame is of rich solid wood. It uses aluminum legs with a bright finish. Thick plush foam cushions that are about two inches thick come upholstered in leather.

  1. Fabio Leather Cinema Sofa

This large size Fabio Leather Cinema sofa features small speakers, fully supporting recliners and electric headrests. This welcoming shape sofa offers utmost comfort making it an ideal choice for home theatre. You can contact a furniture “upholstery services near me” that will fulfill your needs for stylish furniture.

  1. VIG Crocodile Leather Sectional Sofa

This sofa is the stunning creation of art and costs thousands of dollars due to the fussy detail work. The sofa is an L- shaped sectional pattern for four people and uses crocodile leather in a mushroom color. The crocodile leather that is hard to get make it much expensive.

  1. Diamond Flap Sofa

For luxury lovers, the flap diamond sofa is a unique thing. The frame of this sofa is gold plated and gold laminated leather covers its multi-joint body. Kevlar fabric that covers it and fifty thousand Swarovski crystals make it a sign of eternity.  This fabulous sofa has stretchy cushions. You can give any shape to these flexible cushions to satisfy your aesthetic sense. These stretchy cushions give your sofa a new look every time. The diamond flap sofa creates a magical effect to the surrounding.

  1. The Hippo Sofa

This massive hippopotamus sofa gives your home an outlandish touch. This sofa displays a full-size hippo in striking details on one side that are found on an actual animal. While on the other side, you will find comfortable seats. However, the hippo sofa is the size of a grown male hippo. The seats are made of fine leather and the frame of the sofa is made of steel.

  1. Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa

Ron Arad stainless steel sofa is the most expensive and classy sofa in the world. It has a number of curves that make a w-shape pattern. Due to its uniqueness, it was put on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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