The Good & Bad of Wearing Permanent Makeup

Recently, makeup tattoos are all the rage for brows, eyeliner, and lip liner that are freely applied to facial characteristics forever. Yet horror stories come with every makeup job.

Personally, I recommend permanent makeup for some people. However, you need to think over it carefully. While wearing permanent makeup, you always have to do a little touch-up for maintenance.

Before searching ‘esthetician near me’, I have broken down the pros and cons of permanent makeup to assist you with your decision.


To save time, women usually have this treatment. For example, outside of her lip line, someone wanted to get permanent lipstick added. Instead of continually using mascara to achieve fuller lips, without the regular hassle of wearing liner, she can get the effect of a softly enhanced pout.

The consequences are intended to be subtle. Think of permanent makeup like a precious tattoo. For permanent makeup use, the main distinction is that estheticians don’t want everyone to know what they’ve done.

Permanent cosmetics most also benefit those with makeup allergies, or those with mobility impairments that find it impossible for them to wear makeup, such as those that are post-stroke who have a disability such as Bell’s paralysis. The best payoff, combined with fillers and Botox, is undoubtedly the opportunity to recover years of wasted vitality without treatment with little downtime.


Having said that, permanent makeup is not without complications. You should search “best esthetician near me”, because to numb the pain, a trained esthetician must be able to use local anesthetic appropriately-especially operating near sensitive places such as lips and eyes, where one wrong step can be expensive. As blisters may form during the operation, the lips are possibly the most frequent cause of problems.

In addition to minor discomfort in the wake of the operation, with a professional esthetician or doctor supervising treatment, side effects are minimal. The greatest danger is typically disappointment with the results, since this service is increasing in popularity, so the care is provided by technicians with no experience.

It may be a tremendous thing to have permanent makeup, but it’s it is important to not got for it right away. You must meet an esthetician before to discuss your problems. And if you can’t find the right match, keep waiting and keep looking until you find one.

Final Verdict

Permanent makeup requires both a surgeon’s hands and an artist’s eyes. Ask how many procedures the esthetician has completed, as well as the approximate color and shape of the ink they will apply.

An accrediting body is also the American Academy of Micropigmentation; you can review the website and see if the technician you are considering has been approved, indicating they have completed the oral, written, and functional test for permanent application for makeup. This ensures that they are at least qualified in both precautions and procedures.

Look for someone who can always listen to what is going to make you happy. That sense of faith you have to feel. So, trust your gut feelings while the research & don’t forget to talk.

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