Romantic Things to Do In Pismo Beach with Beloved One

While looking for pleasure and romantic surroundings at weekend or leisure, you’ll get it in Pismo Beach. Along with some other amusing things, you’ll find a lot of romantic things to do in Pismo Beach.

You need just three hours to reach in Pismo beach from LAX. You’ll find there a laid-back beachfront getaway with plenty of fun and completely romantic environment. There is a wider range of great activities to pick from like golf, tennis, cycling, swimming, hiking, and more.

Not just for a romantic getaway, it also great for the anniversary trip and babymoon. There are suites with spa services, for example, a couple’s massage with luxuriating privacy.

Now, let’s know some specially selected activities that you’ll be doing in Pismo Beach. Note that this is the list of romantic things to do, not the things to do in Pismo beach with kids.

Paradise of the Car Lovers

If you visit Pismo Beach in June, you’ll find there the annual Classic Car Show here. This is the country’s largest car show that nearly 1,000 and hot rod vehicles with restored beauty and gleaming.

Apart from the stunning car theme, you’ll find there California’s only drive-on beach. There are 5.5 miles Oceano Dunes of the beach the off-road dune lovers and ATVs. You can rent them on site, so you don’t need to take with your own.

Sunset Dinner

Without doing a sunset dinner at the Grill, you can’t complete your romantic getaway in Pismo Beach. There is coastal bluff that has been perched to overlook the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

As there is a menu of seafood, meat, and fresh local ingredients, it’s well-liked by the visitors. You’ll find there in-house salsas and tortillas along with local wine to enjoy with the meal.

Get an Adventure


As a thrill-seeker, you’ll find heaven for you. Also, there are bi-plane rides, paragliding, and motorcycle ride for the intrepid. In addition, you can try some water sports, such as paddle boating and surfing.

Also, you can go for a plane trip that will offer you the best feasible view while skydiving down.

Meal on Chowder

You’re worth getting in line to when seeking chowder the famous Splash Café in downtown Pismo Beach. It’s a colorful café that’s serving in this region since 1989 and it distributes 18,000 gallons clam chowder/year.

There is a 1,200 feel walk off from the chowder to Pismo Pier. You’ll find there a lot of surf shops in the boardwalk along with the dazzling coastline.

Monarch Butterfly Grove


Another place to visit there, the Monarch Butterfly Grove has been located just the south of the beach. If your trip there in late October to February, you’ll find thousands of beautiful orange and black butterflies.

Usually, they spend their winter months in the shady trees of Pismo Beach. But, there are no visiting fees if you like to visit the Monarch Butterfly Grove and you’ll get volunteers to lead you.


Romantic Dinner

If you like to have a great night out, you’ll find a wide range of romantic restaurants out there. So, you can pick your loving restaurants by the coastal cliffs, the beach, or the quaint river.

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