Pros And Cons Of DIY Search Engine Optimization

Pros and Con of DIY Search Engine Optimization - 99 Insights

SEO is a great way to increase the ranking of your website. While searching the internet, you may have come across forums which ask you to indulge in DIY (do it yourself) SEO methods.

The following article is comparing pros and cons of DIY SEO. For best results, go to top web development companies for state of the art SEO.


1. No Cost

Well…Think about the money you are saving by NOT HIRING a professional content writer – web developer and dedicated digital marketing manager.

You learn all these things by DIY tutorials and start SEO implementation.

2. Control

You have complete control over your work. You work whenever you want – whenever you desire. Not being under a boss does not give you any pressure and you regulate the timings according to your needs.

This is harmful considering there is no check and balance upon you. You become sluggish and don’t work with all your energy.

3. Flexible Approach

By DIY methods, you get to adopt a flexible approach.

A top website designing company, when hired for SEO tasks, usually makes a contract which states minimum work and the extent of output, being shown in required period of time (Usually short-term tenures)

With short durations, you get to monitor their working strategies. If work is nice, you enhance the contract but with your flexible approach, you may not invest all your enthusiasm into your product.


1. Inefficient Output

You are a newbie – a person who just started learning techniques of SEO. Without prior professional experience, you do not know the effectiveness of your techniques.

What if you are applying obsolete techniques which are doing more harm to your website than good? With no-one to guide you about your mistakes, you can damage the reputation of your website.

2. Time Consuming

A top website designing company has specific members for specific jobs. A content writer will take care of content – a graphic designer will beautify the images and a web developer will link up all the distinctive elements of a website.

By team work, SEO is enhanced. When you are all alone, your time is getting consumed. You may not meet deadline or reach your short-term goals.

3. One Man Show

Only you are responsible for growth or downfall of your company. It is all about you – In the end, despite all the hard work and magnanimous effort, what if you are the reason that your company failed?

You could’ve avoided that – How? By contacting A local top website design company.

4. Not Excelling

This is not your field – not your domain. Why? Because you haven’t spent enough time on SEO to call yourself a master.

There is a difference between learning things from tutorials and applying them into practicality. By investing a little money, you can avoid your troubles of implementing quality SEO to your website.

There’s a reason top website designing companies exist. They have a team of particular people, each excelling in their domains. They charge a little fee but, in the end, your website gains all the exposure it needs to thrive into business community.

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