How To Choose An Electric (Battery Operated) Wheelchair

Technology is everywhere, isn’t it? Ranging from expression of opinions to commenting on others’ views and liking their pictures, technology prevails everywhere.

Gone are the days when telephones and even desktop computers were considered to be a symbol of status.

Perhaps, you might get confused by the phrase “Technology is everywhere”. This means you’d literally find it in every other piece of product. Similarly, you’d not be surprised to find technological dominance in wheelchairs, and that too, battery operated ones.

Battery operated wheelchairs have made lives easier to a great deal in recent times. But before you go ahead and make your purchases, below are some factor you need to consider before choosing an electric wheelchair:

1. User Friendliness

If you don’t consider this factor as the foremost one, you are gone (not literally though).

“User Friendliness” simply means the wheelchair should be easy to use and portable for any kind of user.

The needs and natures of users vary from head to head; however, the following wheelchairs would cater every kind of user:

  • Invacare Nutron R51: Foldable for easy transport in vehicles.
  • Pride Mobility: Quick dissembling and reassembling for no-hassle travel.

2. Flexibility

This factor should come at the second number of your priority list. “Flexibility” means that the best electric wheelchair should adjust and get along with your comfort.

This means that you should be facilitated with additional options such as reclining, tilting and operating in a stand-up as well as a sit-down position.  Ultimately, this will lead to an improved comfort level making you feel as if you are floating.

Relatively, these are two types of battery operated wheelchairs which excel in the flexibility factor:

  • Pride Mobility Quantum 6000z
  • Standing power wheelchairs

3. Acceleration

Calling acceleration as the third most important factor wouldn’t be and shouldn’t be wrong at all. The pace, speed and acceleration rate in a wheelchair are as important as sugar in tea.

For the maximum pace, rear drive power wheelchairs should be considered. Therefore, chairs like the Sunrise Medical Quickie Xplore with an acceleration rate of 8.5mph are fit for the cause.

4. Wheels

Wheels are one of the most important parts to consider in a wheelchair. But you always need to take not of whether the chair drive is rear-wheel, mid-wheel or front-wheel.

Each and every drive is different serving different needs as follows:

  • Rear-wheel drive: This allows greater speed
  • Mid-wheel drive: These are considered to be the most maneuverable
  • Front-wheel drive: These are used for uneven terrain

Amongst the three types mentioned as above, front-wheel drives are the slowest of all. Hence, the most suitable type tends to be the rear-wheel drive.

5. Battery Consumption

We are talking about battery operated wheelchairs, aren’t we?

Battery range depends on your weight and battery’s age.

In simple terms, you need to choose a battery range that allows a travel between 15 to 30 miles on a single charge and gets along with variables as above.

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