7 Huge House Cleaning Mistakes You should Avoid

Cleaning your house is never anyone’s cup of tea. But it is necessary. And if you are not going to hire some junk removal and cleaning services then you might as well just avoid making the following mistakes:

1. Dirty Vacuum Cleaner

What’s the use of vacuuming the floor when you are just making the carpet ingest more dust instead of sucking out?! Clean your vacuum thoroughly before resorting to cleaning the rooms with it. In fact, if the bag has been there for some time, then it’s probably the time to change it as well. Replace the bag with a new one and clean away.

2. Dusting After Vacuuming

One of the most common mistakes every household makes is that they dust after vacuuming the floor. All the dusting that you do to make your room or house clean is actually making it dirtier. Reason is because after dusting, all the layers of dust fall towards your carpets or furniture etc. Hence before you start with cleaning your room, dust the place properly and then vacuum the floor.

3. Using the Same Sponge

Using the same sponge everywhere is also unhealthy. When you soak your dishes, your sponge absorbs tons of bacteria and other small particles. Using the same one on your counter-tops or tables etc. can make them dirties than before. Not to mention complete filled with germs and being unhealthy. Every junk removal and cleaning services will always remind you not to use the same sponge for everything regardless of the sanitation.

4. Mixing Chemicals

Mixing chemicals to get the best results is the biggest mistake you can ever make. The reason is that every chemical consists of various chemicals, toxins and other harmful substance. By mixing all these, you create something highly unstable which can harm your precious items. Yes, the glass will contain slight indifference, counter-tops will lose their shiny surfaces, the carpets and sofas etc. ruined. Hence never ever mix chemicals in order to achieve great results.

5. Wiping the Stain Off the Carpet

If somebody spills wine or juice or a soda on your beautiful carpet, then instead of wiping it harshly at the exact time, simply dry it out with a paper towel. Reason for this is that when you wipe at the exact moment, you manage to get the stain out but your carpet is ruined because it contains tiny knots and threads. While if you dry it out, then the carpet remains intact because of the lack of tugging and pulling. After some time, use a stain remover and clean it up.

6. Vinegar and Lemon

With the sudden growth of interest in organic products, everybody nowadays showers their homes with vinegar and lemon to keep it clean. While the gesture is good, according to the junk removal and cleaning services, vinegar and lemon play a huge role in corroding every single of piece of metal and surfaces.

7. Barehanded

Above all, the worst you can do is clean with your hands bare. Harmful chemicals from bleach and other cleaners can destroy your skin so please wear gloves or anything else to keep yourself away from harm’s way.

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