Moving Into A Furnished Apartment Checklist

There are many people these days that make the conscious choice to move into already furnished apartments. There are various reasons that dictate such decision for people. You could be a student from some other country for instance and do not want to bare the expenses of buying new furniture to fill up your living space. Many newly married couples look for furnished apartments because they already have so much more on their plates to take care of!

Checklist to Follow When Moving into Furnished Apartments

So you finally found the furnished apartment of your dreams, you struck the deal, signed the lease and made the payments. Now you have the keys and all that is left to do is move into your new place. Whilst you might think you can go live in your furnished apartment just like that – we urge you to think again. There are definitely a few things you must tick off the checklist prior to moving in. We have the ultimate checklist all sorted out for you to follow when moving into furnished apartments.

1. Bedroom Requirements

The bedroom of furnished apartments in Houston are most likely going to have a bed, dressing table and all the other mandatory bedroom furniture. But what about the bed sheets, pillows, blankets and curtains? All these things are personal items and do not count in furnished places. You need to have your own stock ready before the shifting.

2. Bathroom Essentials

Do you have the bathroom essentials? The toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioners, sponges, shower gels, tubs (if the bathroom does not have a bathtub already) and even maybe a viper if the drainage system is not 100% modernized. These are a few things that you must have sorted or else the first morning in new apartment could be very rushed.

3. Sitting Area (TV Lounge) Luxuries

The TV lounge or sitting area of the apartment is the common area of the house that is most used as well. If you are sharing the apartment with someone else, this is going to be the place you share mutually with your house partner.

Moving Into A Furnished Apartment Checklist- Living Room - 99Insight

If you are living solo, still the sitting area will be your place to entertain guests. So the furnished flat will surely have couches, rugs and even maybe a few tables and chairs.

But there are many other things that you need to take care of on your own. You need you own TV LED, DVD player, music stereo system, extension, plugs and all these little luxury items for that matter. The more you want, the more you will have to get. The sitting room of your furnished apartment will only come with a few furniture basics like sofa and chairs.

4. Kitchen Necessities

The most important place of the apartment is the kitchen and a furnished apartment’s kitchen can have a stove top and a fridge but everything else that is need – you have to take along. From food items to cooking utensils – you should be stocked.

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