How to Save Battery On Your Android Phone?

Imagine that you are late for work, you need to call a cab or make an urgent call, but unfortunately, you don’t have enough battery. Having a smartphone worth a thousand, but no battery. What a shame. Smartphones are great, but they don’t come with endless battery life. Here are some great ways, that can help you manage the battery on your android phone.

  1. App Check

You need to keep a vigilant check on your apps, which app sucks the most juice out of your battery, make sure it’s not running in the background once you are done with it, or if you barely use it, uninstall it altogether. Just go to Settings > Battery and have a look at your apps. This will keep you updated with all your apps and will let you make your calls nationally and internationally. You can check out Telstra mobile phone deals international call rates for making international calls.

  1. Power Saving Mode

If you are running low on battery, switch to power saving mode. Almost all androids have this option. This will limit your phone to basic features like web browsing, text, and call. It also adjusts your screen light. Switching your phone to power saving mode can increase the battery life up to a day at max.

  1. Live Wallpaper and Home Screen Widgets

These are the awesome features that make Android so great, but they don’t just sit on the home screen and look pretty, they suck the battery life even when they aren’t being used, this goes for live wallpapers as well. Users aren’t aware but that depletes the battery power as well.

So, you should get rid of the widgets you don’t really use, and if you really want the longer battery life, switch to a normal wallpaper instead of a live one. A black wallpaper can help you retain your battery for a longer period.

  1. Brighter? May Be Not

The most obvious battery juice sucker is the brightness of the phone, you can save half of your battery if you lower the brightness of your phone, also don’t put your phone on auto brightness as well, because, believe it or not, even automatically adjusting brightness takes battery life.

  1. Updating Apps

The apps get updated every now and then to use less battery power, so you should always make sure that all your apps are up to date.

  1. Depleting Signal Bar

Being in an area of a low signal can also take a toll on your battery life, you can’t really do much about it, but if you don’t really need your phone at that particular time, switch to airplane mode. Being in the low signal area the phone takes a lot of battery power in the effort to get signal, that depletes the battery faster.

  1. Firing Google Assistant

Have you heard the idiom, walls have ears, well we don’t know about that but your phone does have ears, the Google Assistant is always running and although it’s a very good feature it takes a lot from your battery as well? If you have a minimum or no use of Google Assistant that you should deactivate it to save that precious battery life.

Hope these will help you keep your battery up and running for a longer period of time. If you’re looking to call outside Australia, do look at Telstra mobile international call rates.

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