How to Replace Car Tail Lights?

Tail lights are at the back of the cars. They serve an important purpose of car safety. However, in many cases, they are damaged in collisions and accidents. Replacing them can be easy if you follow right steps. Below are the tips to help you in tail light replacement.

1. Identify the Issue

Often the drivers report accidents. In such cases, the tail lights are broken and damaged when another car hits their car from the back. Damage can be moderate or serious. You have to find out the issue first. In other cases, the tail lights may not work and it can be a wire, bulb or connection issue. So you should figure out what the real issue is before you start repairing or replacement. 

2. Check the Light Bulb

In many cases the light bulb is not working. Though it is connected to the battery, wire is fine and almost everything looks okay. In such a case, the issue can be with the light bulb. So you should replace it with a new bulb. Make sure you manage to get the right bulb for your car’s tail light. 

3. See the Broken Lens 

When there is an accident or collision, the lens or glass of the tail light gets damaged. It might be broken. Replacing it should not be the immediate option. Rather you need to check it and understand the issue. Sometimes, the lens works if you repair it by using proper tools and accessories. 

4. Get Accessories 

When you want to replace or repair the tail lights of your car, you will need some tail light replacement accessories. For replacing lens of the tail light, you should have a kit with necessary tools. The kit will help you screw the lens and replace it with the new one. But you will also have to check the wires and disconnect them while you replace the lens.

5. Remove the Tail Light Lens

When you have collected necessary tools, you should start with screwing the tail light lens. It is a complete system which should be removed with care. Otherwise you may damage the wires or the bulb which will then have to be replaced as well. 

6. Repair the Lens and Other Issues

When you remove it, check the lens. The damage level will let you know if the tail light should be replaced or repair. If the damage is not severe, you should repair it. This is better and cheaper option. In order to replace the light, you will have to buy one.

7. Replace the Tail Lights 

If you believe changing tail lights is the only option, you should be prepared for it. Remove the lens carefully and replace it with the new one. Place the bulb at its position. Before unscrewing it, you should check to ensure the tail light is working. 

Tail lights may get damaged and have to be replaced. You should have necessary tools. Do tail light replacement carefully and avoid making any mistakes. 

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