How to Prevent Damage and Maintain Side View Mirrors?

A lot of people complain when their side view mirrors are damaged. It is a normal thing and every day you will someone saying the same thing. However, it can be prevented. We are going to share some useful tips that will help you protect your car’s side view mirror.

1. Keep Mirrors Cleaned

The first and the most important thing is to keep the side mirrors of your car cleaned. When the mirrors are dirty, you will be unable to view what is coming behind. It reduces visibility. That is why side mirrors should always be kept clean and clear.

2. Be Careful About Surrounding

When you are driving the car, you should be vigilant. Some people drive carelessly and they may hit the side mirrors of your car. It will be a costly mistake. Let others cross your vehicle and make sure you do not drive on the wrong side of the road.

3. Take Care at Car Washes

Usually, the people at car washing places do not care about the side mirrors and other items. This leads to damage of mirrors. So you should tell the washers to be careful in this regard and not damage the side view mirrors.

4. Drive Carefully on Road 

It has been seen that people damage the car side mirrors while driving. This happens when you drive too fast and do not care of your vehicle. Do not overtake vehicle from the wrong side otherwise you will meet an eventuality. This is one of the most common mistakes as well. 

5. Park the Car with Care

The parking places are sometimes narrow. There are pillars and walls as well as other vehicles. In such cases, care is needed otherwise the side mirrors are damaged. That is why you have to be extra vigilant while you are parking the vehicle. 

6. Avoid Playing with Side View Mirrors

Many drivers do not care about the side mirrors at all. They play with them and end up having broken mirrors. It should be noted, that you should not treat the side mirrors like a toy. Otherwise it will lead to repairing or replacement. 

7. Do Not Drive in Narrow Streets 

This is the most important thing to consider when it comes to preventing damage to the side view mirrors. Driving cars in narrow streets leads to damage to the side mirrors. Streets are narrow, other cars and bikes are also coming and outgoing. So in such a case, care is needed.

8. Buy Quality Side View Mirrors 

Car owners and drivers should also pay attention to the quality of the side mirrors they buy at the time of replacement. Always purchase mirrors of the best quality with warranty. Quality mirrors last longer, are more durable and do not get damaged easily.


Having damaged side view mirror is a normal thing. But with the help of above given tips and taking extra care, you can prevent damage to the side mirrors. Driver should also drive carefully.

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