How To Prevent Common Cycling Injuries

Cycling is unarguably the most enjoyable and healthy physical activity to opt for. It is the most cost-effective, rewarding and a safe means of transport to cover short distances. However, as much as harmless as it is, it does not mean that you are completely spared from falling on to the hands of harm and injuries while cycling.

Here are some precautions that you must take to avoid suffering from the most common cycling injuries:

  1. Keep Your Back Straight While Cycling

Oftentimes non-professional cyclists have a habit of bending their backs while cycling. While cycling helps in strengthening your leg muscles, you are sub-consciously damaging your lower back.  When you are cycling your lower back does not have the potential enough to support and withstand the force from your legs, causing you to suffer from spasm and cramps. Thus, it is advised to keep your back straight whenever possible when cycling.

  1. Wear Spacy Shoes

Your toes frequently get numbed because you put a lot of pressure on your feet, lowering the blood flow in your feet. To prevent numbing of toes, wear shoes that have room enough of your toes to at least move. Don’t buckle into your pedals to tight or in an irregular position, it puts unnecessary strain on your feet.

  1. Move Your Hands Every Once in a While

Very much like feet, your hands are in no exception to go numb while cycling Specialized road bikes Australia. Holding on to the handlebars too tightly puts a lot of strain on you palms causing them to go numb. Therefore, it is highly advised to keep moving your hands from time to time while cycling and keeping your wrist straight, this will improve the circular blood flow in your hands, keeping them warm and alive. Also, don’t forget to wear padded gloved or fix pads on your handlebars to reduce vibration and make your grip comfortable.

  1. Shoulders Should Be Relaxed

For those who suffer from pain in their shoulders after cycling, it is advised to keep your shoulders only slightly flexed and relaxed, and your elbows straight. Don’t put a lot of pressure on your hands.

  1. Start Slow to Prevent Knee Injury

Knee injuries are the most prevailing in frequency than all others. You may feel pain in your pain after a cycling for longer than what you are used to. Alongside overriding, you may experience knee pain after cycling your Specialized road bikes Australia too fast. To prevent this from happening, take your cycling experience slow. Don’t just dive into riding a cycle extremely far and faster before taking precaution and training first. You may also experience knee pain because you’re your knee joints suffer a lot from the pressure and strain from pedaling on a high gear. It is best for you to switch to a lower gear if in that case. You can buy bicycle that offers multi-functionality based on your need.

However, if you place your saddles too low, it will increase the potential of damaging your knees. Be careful while adjusting your saddle on your bike. Place it at a height that is not only comfortable to you but also allows you to straighten your knees when the pedal axle is at its lowest position.

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