How to Change Headlight Bulb with Some Simple Steps?

You may have the great wheels, but they don’t make a sense if your headlights are out of order. And you know from different cop shows and movies that you’ll get an unwelcome stop when you’re on the highway with your useless headlights. But, we’re happy to say that replacing the hopeless headlights is a painless job. That means you can do the job yourself with a simple effort. So, if you know the process you can revise it right here. But, if you don’t know it then you should be grateful to us as we’re going to share it with you. Well, let’s know the steps how to change headlight bulb below:

What You Need

First, you need a new bulb to replace the old one. But, ensure that you have to get the perfect type of car bulb. You can collect it from your local auto parts store. Also, you need some alcohol wipes, tissues to clean and grasp the bulb, and screwdriver. 

First Step – Find The Headlight Holder

You’ll have to go through your engine compartment to reach the headlight bulb instead of going from the front side of your car. Now, open the hood and find the headlight that will be near the front side of your car. You’ll find there a bulb holder as well with three wired power connection that leads to the bulb. 

Second Step – Remove The Power Wires

When you’re near the power wires, you’ll find many things out there. Things include a plug at highlight’s base; a plastic catch holds it, and a screw cap or a metal clip. But, things may vary depending on model and brands of vehicles. You’ll find a lever at its top of the plastic catch. When you pull out the plug, push it down. If there is a metal cap, pull out it right away and ensure grasp it when you pull. But, for the screw cap, you should turn it counter-clockwise to unscrew it. 

Third Step – Remove The Old Bulb

It’s time to remove the disordered bulb, but make sure that all wires have been disconnected. Now, you’ll have to remove the backside of the light holder and remove it by holding on its base. Sometimes, you may need to get rotating the bulb a lot to make it out of the holder. 

Fourth Step – Clean & Install The New Bulb

Use gloves or tissues to hold the new bulb as it’ll prevent getting stuck with oil on your skin. Also, you have to clean it nicely using an alcohol wipe before using the new bulb. When you’re ready with the bulb, hold it on its base and put in the plug. If you install it properly, you’ll not find any rubber gasket out there. So, after installing the new bulb replacing the new one, plug the wires back. Check to ensure the bulb is working properly on the headlights. Thus, you’re all set with these simple steps of replacing your car’s old headlights.

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