Everything You Should Know About Snowboard Pants

We think the fashion of rocking everything with largely oversized for snowboarding has passed. When it comes to the baggy snowboarding pants or “powder skis for sale”, they’re like a double-sided sword. Baggy ones don’t limit to your movement too much, their clothes, on the other hand, could be fall or bind in their way.

No matter you buy expensive or cheap snowboard packages, we suggest you focus on your waist measurement first. Don’t forget that you might be wearing tight pants underneath and keep it in your consideration.

Thus, many more things are out there to know about your snowboarding pants. This is why we’re going to share some essential things that you need to know below.

What About Knee Patches?

We think it’s essential for you. It’s important to stop fraying and abrasion with unbreakable patches on the innards of their legs close to the boots with these pants. Unbreakable knees are vital as the area where you’ll be sitting or falling while snowboarding.

Also, it’s better to get down your feet with no plopping while taking one knee on your snowboard. Above all, on the toe area, taking a drop means you’ll almost certainly go down on your knees. In this case, you’ll prefer to get something like reinforcement. So, knee patches are essential to play on your snowboard smoothly.

Important Features You Should Search For

You know we like thigh zips if you’ve prepared our other content about winter weather pants. Because zippers of leg-side are good for ventilation, they let you get cool with no streaking about the resort of your pants and your ankles.

Also, it’s important to look for leg zippers on the inner side. Ensure they come with a mesh that stops snow from having inside to discover the excellent ones. It might be allowing airflow, but will block incoming snow when you fall.

Best Materials For Your Snowboard Pants

The short answer is polyester, as well as nylon, which is a very common and widely selected material. In these materials, nylon is highly durable if it comes with the correct weave patterns. Also, it can prevent water by itself. This is why we largely recommend nylon as our top choice because of their windproof and durability factors.

But, when it comes to the polyester it’s a very closed one to nylon. As polyester can absorb moisture more than any other material, it’s a correct choice for water-resistant breathable garments. No matter it’s a bit cheaper than nylon, but we always suggest nylon for many reasons.

Bottom Line

Suspender may indeed look dorky, but they’re good to work with. Honestly, we suggest suspenders while you have issues with keeping your pants up in the proper spot. However, seek to get the right size on your pants in the initial place if it’s possible.

Thus, you can set them rightly on the hips that will not use to wear a suspender or belt. Hopefully, you get a good idea about what you need to look while choosing snowboard pants.

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