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There are different textures of hair which are used in making extensions. Most people prioritize the length, color, and style of the extensions. But what if your deep curly hair extensions do not match with your natural hair? What if your extensions become visible? That is why you have to carefully match your own hair texture with the extensions to create a very natural look.

Before you select the deep curly hair extensions, you have to consider the fact that not all hair is alike. Not all curly hair is similar to each other, just like not body wave hair is similar. There are different textures of hair, as written below:

  1. Straight Hair

The simplest texture of hair extensions is the straight hair. It looks great on everyone. Because of it naturally straight look, it is easy to maintain and style. It is because you will not have to use thick conditioners to eliminate the frizz, as in the case with curly hair. Straight hair can be styled into curls or waves as well.

  1. Body Wave Hair

Body wave hair texture is a loose type of curls. This texture flows very nicely and appears natural. It is an in-between of a straight and curly texture of hair. This type of texture is also very popularly used in extensions. Not all people like dead straight hair, and certainly not extremely curly hair. So, body wave hair texture is their ultimate choice.

  1. Loose Wave Hair

Loose wave extensions are quite similar to body wave extensions. The only difference between them is that loose wave extensions do not flow in one piece. They are looser. Without proper care, these loose waves can relax over time. You don’t want that do you?

  1. Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave extensions flow in smooth waves. They have tighter curls than body wave extensions. This is the closest texture of extensions to curly hair. This texture is very luxurious and provides volume to your hair. The next level in these waves is curly hair. Deep wave extensions are basically the maximum waves you can have.

  1. Deep Curls

Deep curly hair extensions appear to be very cool. They are also the best way to add volume to your hair. They give a very funky look.

  1. Funmi Hair

Not all people are aware of Funmi hair extensions. They are those extensions which are straight from the top and curly at the ends. They are mostly used for special occasions. Those who know about Funmi hair extensions, purchase the clip ins. Because they are not the style that you can carry all the time.

  1. Yaki Hair

Yaki beaute hair extensions are relaxed and straight African-American hair. They are not very popular and require a chemical treatment for the ultimate look.

  1. Some Other Textures

There is thready hair which is bright shining hair with low sheen. Wiry hair texture is very glossy and not at all frizzy. Cottony hair has a low sheen and is very frizzy. Spongy hair has a high sheen. And silky hair has a bright shine with a low sheen.

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