7 Home Decorating Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making

Who does not love to decorate their homes? Everyone wants to decorate their homes once in a while and they choose the best according to their preferences, taste, and style. But are you making the right choice when decorating?

The decor choices of every person will vary according to their house, their personal choice, their likes and dislikes, their income, and their lifestyle. Even the best of interior designers can make mistakes while decorating their houses. The first and foremost thing you should do when decorating is to go for a household junk removal so that all the extra stuff is out and you can decorate easily. Listed below are the top decorating mistakes you should never make.

1. Too Many Colors

Just like too many cooks spoils the broth, too many colors spoil the house. Your house should have 2 to 3 colors maximum and that too in different rooms. Too many colors will look tacky and surely will not appeal guest.

2. Too Small or Big

When you are decorating, keep in mind the size of the furniture and the size of the room.  A small rug in a huge lounge will not look good while a big rug in a small living room will also not look good. Same goes for furniture, use a suitable size of furniture according to the room size.

3. Too Much Furniture

When decorating, the top mistake people tend to make is to fill the room with many things. You tend to keep too much furniture and decor items, that the room looks congested and full of things. When you will enter in such a room, you will feel as if everything is coming on top of you and there is hardly any space to breathe. If you have a lot of extra stuff then you should opt for household junk removal to remove all the extra and unnecessary stuff from your house. A simple room with necessary furniture looks relaxing and inviting.

4. Forgetting the Purpose of The Room

A room should be decorated for the purpose it is intended for. A study room should have study related furniture and décor, while a living room should have relaxing furniture so you sit and have a good time. Decorate the room according to the purpose it is made for.

5. Lightning

Lighting is a very important factor to consider. If a certain room has option for natural lighting then go for fewer lights in that room. A bedroom should have ample lighting, while kitchen should not be fully lit. Also, the colors of lights such as yellow or white should be chosen wisely according to room aesthetics.

6. Uneven Furniture and Decor

Always go with the same theme for your house and not mix and match many styles. If you ae giving a modern look to your house, then choose the décor and furniture accordingly. Creating a mix of modern and vintage look will make your house look like a bad taste of decoration.

7. Keep It Simple

The last tip is to not go over the board and keep it simple. You can always change the décor dome time later but a simple house will look more relaxing in the long run for your peace of mind. A house is a place where you want to relax and unwind and too much of things and décor will be an added hassle. You can always go for household junk removal to get rid of extra stuff from your house.

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