Advantages of Using PDF Format with Some Drawbacks

Sometimes you’ll find your document files in a “.pdf” format while downloading a file from the web. Also, you may find sometimes it’s difficult, but not impossible to edit pdf files free. You just need to have its specific reader in order to open it. If you’re a new user, it can be somewhat confusing to choose the file type.

Now, the question is the why people use .pdf file format instead of using .docx one. The most favorite thing about PDF file type is that it’s very useful at whatever it does.  And, it’s a way to send files in the digital method for a long time. Also, it has not any sign of getting old or useless nearer future. Well, let’s know some advantages and drawbacks of using PDF.

Advantages of PDF

We should go back to the question of whether .docx files are better or not to explain the advantages of PDF. It’s wrong to think everybody will be OK to access their docx files on their systems. These files are a type of format that has been generated from MS Word.

So, when you’ll send them to others, they need to use the same app or a text editor to open the files. But, if they can do any other way, the process may make messy of the format. Also, it can make things difficult to read your documents by other devices.

Fortunately, you’ll find there so many Operating Systems that have their own and full support for this type of documents. It means that you don’t need to make several documents for different users. Just make a single PDF file and it’ll allow you to enable reading by all users.

Usage of PDF Format

When you get a file that doesn’t open on Word processor, it’s the right time to use an app of PDF. It’s because you don’t know which operating system has been used to create and open the file. For example, you like to upload an eBook for your readers to download. But, visitors from all platforms will get into your site to read your eBook. So, you have to make available it for all of them.

In this issue, if you keep your eBook in PDF format then everybody will be able to read it. This way, the visitors will don’t need to use any other app without just using their browsers. For example, you can read the PDF files if you’re using Chrome or Firefox browser.

Drawbacks of Using PDF Format

When someone sends you a PDF file and you like to edit it, you’ll experience a great problem with it. This type of file captures original documents on multiple operating systems instead of a definite one. Although it’s not impossible to edit PDF files unless you know how to edit a pdf for free, it’s somewhat very trickier.

Also, this task may need to buy a paid version of an app that might be expensive. And avoid making your file into a PDF format that you don’t want to read or edit by others.

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