8 Habits That Will Ruin Your Dodge Car

Do you know about the habits that are destroying your Dodge car? If not, this post will guide you as a driver as well as the car owner about the bad habits that you should better avoid.

1. Resting Hand on Gearstick

The driving rules say both hands of the driver should rest on the steering. But it has been seen many drivers keep their hand on the gearstick which leads to premature wear and tear. It causes transmission issues and you will have to get the vehicle repaired for better driving. You may also have to frequently visit a Dodge parts online store for that.

2. Overloading Your Car

Every car, including your Dodge, comes with a certain loading capacity. But many people do not realize this even after knowing it can be dangerous. As they put more load on the car in the form of stuff, more passengers- it stresses out the engine. Driving in such cases gets harder and all this may lead to accidents 

3. Hitting Potholes and Bumps

Many drivers are so fast and rash they do not care about the potholes and bumps. They hit their vehicles with the bumps and end up damaging the cars. This habit seriously ruins the cars for the long and you should not expect your vehicle to function like the good one. Avoid this thing and quit this habit as soon as possible. 

4. Ignoring Warning Lights

The dashboard tells all the important warning signs. However, they are ignored and a lot of people make this mistake. It is for their knowledge that warning lights are an important message. Like you may run out of fuel, there can be an engine problem etc. You should resolve the issues before further driving.

5. Refueling When It’s Almost Empty

Here comes another bad habit which many people develop over time. They believe it is good to refuel the vehicle only when the tank is almost or fully empty. It is a bad idea and you should keep filling the vehicle with fuel whenever it is possible. You should not wait for it to get empty. 

6. Unnecessary Use of Brakes

Brakes are designed to allow the drivers to control the vehicle and avoid any accidents. They should be used only when needed. However, many drivers are obsessed with brakes use and use them too often and then have to buy new brakes from Dodge parts online shops. It is a bad habit which should be quit.

7. Putting in Reverse While Moving Ahead

Many people have no idea in what ways they are ruining their vehicle. One of the many bad things is to put the car in reverse while moving ahead. It can be a mistake but you have to avoid it otherwise it will kill the engine and ruin its performance. 

8. Pressure Washing the Engine 

Pressure washing the engine is the last thing we recommend car owners should avoid. Engine contains a lot of sensitive sensors and components which will get damaged this way.


Dodge car owners have a number of bad habits like resting hand on gearstick, refueling when the tank is empty, overloading the car, pressure washing the engine and frequent brake use which ruin the car.

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