8 Eco-friendly Décor Tips for Your House

1. Choose Pre-Loved Over New Items

The most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint is by buying pre-loved items instead of new ones altogether. Head to your favorite local vendors or eBay to get some of the best deals on vintage and timeless items that can instantly revamp your house. Similarly, instead of throwing away perfectly good conditioned items, donate them to your local charity or give them away to family and friends.

2. Choose Thermal Curtains

Replace your standard curtains with thermal curtains that will reduce your energy bills and make you save big bucks for years to come. Just buy a regular plain thermal curtain lining and place it behind your present curtains.

3. Choose Low VOC Paint

One of the most affordable ways to instantly revive your room is by giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. But recent reports have warned us about the harmful effects of Volatile Organic compounds used in paints. Not only are these compounds harmful for the environment, they can release harmful chemicals which is hazardous to your family’s health as well. Always look for Low VOC labelled paint cans.

4. Choose Sustainable Materials

Choose companies that favor ethical work standards and fair trade. Also look deep into the type of wood you are investing in, why not invest in good quality ecofriendly companies and lessen your overall impact towards deforestation?

Moreover, if you want to get rid of existing stuff or old things you can use junk hauling Palm Beach County services for that as they recycle most of the stuff.

5. Go with Timeless Styles

One of the most challenging thing about decorating your home is the change of trends from time to time. When choosing a furniture item, invest in timeless and quality pieces that will stand the test of time and have been completely utilized until it’s time to discard or donate it.

6. Use Greenery

If all else fails, choose indoor plants. A well-kept house plant not only purifies the air but can also revamp the whole space. Ferns and palms top the list of being the lowest maintenance plants that add a certain freshness to the environment and reduce pollutants. This tip definitely tops our list.

7. Move the Furniture Around

If you are looking up for some instant redecoration around the house, I would recommend moving the existing furniture around your living space or rooms if that’s your preference. Try moving the artworks around your walls, or putting the side tables in empty areas of your house. Not only is this hassle-free, but you are also saving big bucks and doing something good for the environment in the long run. Also, if you have a lot of unnecessary furniture laying around, a good practice is to use a palm beach county junk hauling service to get it removed.

8. Incorporate Nature

Last but not least, go flower shopping or pick out a few herbs and shrubs or pine cones and use them as décor pieces around the house. Not only is this festive, but it is also visually pleasing to the soul of your wonderful display of nature amongst a concrete jungle.

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