8 Common Bottle Feeding Mistakes To Avoid

Motherhood is a very adventurous journey full of love and warmth for your little one but it can also be exhausting. As a first-time mother, you can tend to make many mistakes, mostly due to insufficient knowledge, but with time, trial and error, you finally get everything right and in place. Most common mistakes new mothers make are in terms of the feeding bottle. Although breast milk is the most preferred and best for your baby, in some circumstances, you have to give your baby the feeding bottle. In such cases, you can give organic milk formulas such as Holle Organic Infant Formula. Listed below are some of the most common bottle feeding mistakes, which you surely can avoid after reading.

  1. Nipple Size

You should check the test size or nipple hole before giving the feeder to your baby. Buy the nipple according to the age of your baby as a big hole can cause continuous milk flow even after the baby us full and can cause gas and bloating for the baby.

  1. Powder Milk to Water Ratio

When you use formula milk such as the Holle Organic Baby Formula, make sure to fill the water first and then scoop the formula milk and not vice versa and it can interfere with the amount of water and can lead to thicker milk which might cause the baby sickness, diarrhea, and constipation.

  1. Less Formula and More Water to Save Costs

The formula milk tends to disrupt your budget but it gives the appropriate amount of nutrition to your baby and you should never compromise on that. The Holle Goat Milk Formula is complete with nutrition and vitamins a d using less than the prescribed amount will give nourishment and necessary nutrition to your baby.

  1. Sanitization

Sensitization prior to the first use is very important. You should sanitize or boil the feeding bottles after every use or you can even wash it thoroughly with hot water and soap to ensure a germ-free and clean feeding.

  1. Pre-Made Bottles

Although you may prefer to make a couple of bottles when you are going for an outing or at a party but this is a strict no. Formula bottles began to lose their nutrition after 2 hours. It is best to fill the exact amount of formula in different boxes and pack warm water in a thermos and use when needed.

  1. Do Not Reuse

Sometimes a baby does not complete the whole milk in one go but that does not mean you can feed him the same later on. Discard it immediately and prepare a new feeding bottle for every use. You can make less to get to know how much your baby drinks in one go.

  1. Babies Don’t Need Milk Every Time They Cry

Do not give your baby a feeding bottle every time he/she cries. If you have given him a bottle half an hour ago, then the crying may be due to a different reason. Giving the excessive amount of milk may lead to over-consumption and diarrhea and constipation.

  1. Don’t Give the Bottle While Sleeping

Some mothers tend to give bottles to their babies when they are sleeping so that they sleep peacefully and calmly. This may lead to detrimental effects in the future as it can cause the teeth and gums to go bad and cause bacterial infections.

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