8 Car Air Conditioning Tips Everybody Should Know

Doesn’t it feel absolutely delightful when you can commute in peace with your cars air conditioning intact? Not only does it save you from the scorching heat outside, but it also reduces your interaction to the outside noise pollution and dirt and allergens. Here are a few ways to optimize the functioning of your cars A.C unit: 

  1. Try to park your car in the shade, instead of an open parking lots that face the sun directly. Try to park under the basement or under the shade of a tree to reduce the entrapment of heat inside your car. If all else fails, you could open your side windows just a little bit to allow the circulation of heat. Also, if your AC fan speed is not up to par, you might need blower motor resistor replacement or repair.
  2. It’s a good thing to consider checking the refrigerant levels of your cars A.C unit during that monthly car maintenance visit. Ensuring optimum levels of the refrigerant fluid is vital to keep your car A.C functioning properly whilst maintaining cooler temperatures inside of the car space. 
  3. An annual A.C unit service before the start of the scorching summer months is absolutely vital to keep your AC in top notch condition. We would advise getting it done well in advance to save time and higher costs of maintenance as the summer approaches.
  4. Replacing your car’s air filter on a recommended regular basis can actually increase the longevity and cooling of your A.C unit. The air filter is designed in such a way to capture dirt and debris and decrease the circulation of inborne bacteria and pathogens. To achieve a cleaner and healthier inflow of air, we recommend changing the filter every year or so.

The Correct Way of Using Your Car’s AC Unit

  1. The moment you are seated inside the car, we recommend opening the car windows and setting the fan blower on the highest level to push the hot air outside of the car cabin. This will allow your car to cool down and subsequently cool up faster when the AC is on. You can also open the windows wide and drive a bit, before turning the AC on. This works similar to using a fan blower.
  2. Once the temperature cools down and become equal to the normal atmospheric temperature, turn the fan blower down to medium settings, and turn the dial to recirculation mode. This means the AC will use air inside the cabin to initiate the cooling process instead of sucking air from the outside of the car. This means more cooling and fuel efficiency as a result.
  3. Start the AC on the lowest possible setting, and as soon as temperatures normalize, proceed to higher levels from there.
  4. Once you have reached your destination, we recommend turning the AC off before you switch off the engine. You can keep your fan running to dry out the interior and its surroundings. This reduces the efflux of bacteria and possible respiratory pathogens.


There you have it, follow these tips and enjoy the lasting coolness of your cars AC unit without worrying about possible breakdowns and maintenance woes. Also, get your checked with an auto expert regularly to know if it needs any repair or replacement of AC compressor, blower motor resistor or any other part.

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