7 Worst Hospitals in America

You would have never thought that there could be such a thing as a “bad hospital”. People, naturally, don’t want to come to a low-grade, sub-standard hospital for treatment.

They want to opt for the best choice out there. But there are a few hospitals that do not meet certain expectations. Either, they are not on par with certain cleanliness policies, or these centers fail to deliver proper medical treatment.

Another reason for some hospitals to be ranked lower than others is because of their small infrastructure or lack of better medical diagnostic imaging systems. These are only some of the basic guidelines which must always be met by hospitals, but some hospitals fail to deliver.

Here is the list of some of the worst hospitals in the United States of America.

1. El Centro Regional Medical Center, El Centro, CA

Based in California, the El Cento Regional Medical center is graded “F” on the list of hospitals of the United States of America.

2. Memorial Hospital of Gardena, Gardena, CA


Another California based medical center, Memorial Hospital of Gardena, is also considered as one of the lower-graded hospitals in the USA, the reasons being unavailability of resources, and some other confidential policies.

3. Olympia Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

California is considered as one of the worst states in regards to healthcare. There are hospitals and medical centers in California, which do not exceed certain expectations of the patients who come to get treated for their illnesses. Olympia Medical Center, based in Los Angeles, is one of them.

4. Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, Brawley, CA

This hospital is present in the District region of Brawley. It is also graded as a low-caliber hospital, having a small sized infrastructure and failing to meet expectations of patients. It is set up, more like a district dispensary, rather than a full-fledged hospital.

5. Victor Valley Global Medical Center, Victorville, CA

This is another Californian healthcare medical center. This is also considered as one of the worst medical care centers in California. The reason is the absence of professional medical staff and shortage of resources. This hospital also has an appreciable death rate, on a yearly basis.

6. Flushing Hospital Medical Center, Flushing, NY

You would have never thought that a cosmopolitan city like New York would have low graded hospitals and medical health care centers. In fact, there are several low grading medical centers in the Empire state as well. First, Flushing Hospital in Brooklyn is a hospital which is not likable by patients. It is because there are less resources and professionalism in this hospital and patients don’t fully recover due to these reasons.

7. Mercy Regional Medical Center of Lorain, Lorain, OH


Oklahoma also has several hospitals which are not liked by patients. Mercy Regional Medical Center is one of them. It is not a full-fledged hospital, rather it is more like a walk-in clinic in Lorain.

Now that you know which hospital is ranked lower in the USA and the importance of good medical diagnostic imaging technology, make sure that you are not considering these places for your next healthcare job.

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