6 Things to Know Before Renting a House

1. Confirm About the Water Supply and Pressure from Neighbors

Water is a basic necessity and it should not be compromised upon, so to avoid getting stuck in the toilet with no water, or getting stuck in the kitchen with piles of dishes to wash which have accumulated due to water shortage last night, make sure you enquire the water schedule and history beforehand.

2. Explore the Area

It’s very important that you do a thorough and extensive research about the area you’re considering to move to, before signing the tenancy contract. Like what if the area has 4 schools and a bar so at the day time around 4 there’s a huge traffic jam and noise, and at night even there’s a lot of noise coming from that bar. Are you okay with your place being noisy the whole day? Are you sure you won’t have problems sleeping in that noise?

Moreover, make sure that the street is wide enough for junk removal and moving trucks because you may be needing trash removal Austin TX services.

3. Discuss the Rent Increment Process

Discussing rental increments before signing the contract is mandatory! Like if your contract is for a fixed period let’s say one year then it’s not an issue because in this case legally the rent cannot be increased until the tenant agrees to pay it.

However, if the agreement is not for a fixed term i.e. one year and it’s a short term tenancy then the rent can increase in 3 ways; the rent increase is proposed by the landlord and accepted by the tenant, the tenancy agreement mentions a defined formula for rent increase or by appealing a rent increase to the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber).

4. Discuss the Contract Clauses and Look for a Release Clause in the Contract

If you are unhappy with any clause, discuss it with your landlord then and there because once you have signed the contract your chance to negotiate is lost. One more thing, look if your contract has a release clause mentioned or not, if it is then you should reconsider signing the contract, because a release clause means that if you end the contract you’ll have to pay a fee for a release along with finding a new tenant. I suggest you look for other options.

5. Discuss the Maintenance Services the Landlord Will Provide

Usually when you are renting a place which the old tenant just left or which has been closed for a long time then there are a lot of broken things there like maybe a broken sink or scrapped paint or wiring issues and many more. So it’s important that you discuss it with the landlord about these repairs that needs to be done on his account, prior to signing the contract. Also make sure you have everything in written so that your landlord can’t deviate from his words in the future.

6. Discuss About Your Pets

Many landlords have an issue with allowing pets and so in their contracts they make it a point that the tenant isn’t allowed to keep pets. So, if you already have a pet and plan to keep it then discuss it in detail with your landlord right away.

If you want to decrease moving cost, it’s a good idea to throw away unnecessary stuff or hire a trash removal Austin Texas service to remove the junk.

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