6 Estate Cleanout Tips for Real Estate Agents

The job of the real estate agents is to sell the properties of different clients and parties. In doing your job as a real estate agent, everything will not come to you easy, you will have to go through many challenges and hurdles. Sometimes what happens is that some clients leave the house in a hurry at a very small price may be due to death of a loved one, divorce, or extreme debt conditions. Such clients leave all their belongings and possessions behind as well. Also, there are many foreclosed homes which also require complete cleaning and refurbishing. In this case, you will have to perform the job of estate cleanout as well.

Estate cleanout is a term which refers to making the property more presentable and appealing to the buyer so it is sold at a higher price. No buyer would like to buy a property which is full of broken furniture, old clothes, dirt and dust, debris, junk, broken lights, scraping walls, overgrown plants and shrubs and a very dirty look. This process is rather lengthy and can cost you a lot of money in cleaning out the complete property. However, the tips below will surely help you in cleaning the house fast and in an orderly manner.

  1. Concentrate on the Aesthetic Appeal

The outer appearance or the aesthetics are very important to fix as the client will only enter the house for a look if the aesthetics are appealing. Hire a gardener to cut the shrubs and weeds and maintain the porch area. Get the outer walls painted and fix the lights or a broken porch.

  1. Get the Junk Removed

If there is a lot of stuff in the house such as old furniture, debris and junk then you will need to get that stuff removed. You can do it yourself but that will cost you extra hassle and money due to hauling the junk away. The best you can do for an estate cleanout s to hire a reliable junk removal company. They will haul all the junk away, recycle the recyclable stuff, donate the stuff in charities which are in usable condition, sell the new stuff and discard the rest of the junk. This will reduce your work to half as these companies are expert and efficient in their work and you will also be doing a favor to the environment through recycling.

  1. Take Note of Bathrooms and Kitchen

The bathroom is a very important part of the house. Unkempt bathrooms and kitchen will make the client immediately reject the house. Get the floors scrubbed and cleaned, fix the taps and showers and the sink.

  1. Look Towards the Electronics

Get the lights and switches fixed and make sure the wiring is done [perfectly and there is no chance of electrical issues. Install lights all around the house to make it more welcoming.

  1. Get A Paint Job Done

To sell the property quicker get the whole house painted in a single light color to make it look bigger, cleaner and new.

  1. Get It Thoroughly Cleaned

The last thing you need to do is to make sure the house is completely scrubbed clean and shiny. The walls, the floors, the basement and attic, all should be sparkling clean so as to appeal to the buyer.

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