6 Auto Windshield and Window Glass Care Tips

Whether it’s the chilly winter nights or the scorching heat, your car has withstood the test of time because of the durable quality of windshields and window glasses, specifically designed to protect your car and make your everyday commute hassle free.

Read on to find out about our best tips to keep your car windshield and window glass in the best of conditions.

  1. Dirt can gradually build up on your glass surfaces, and whether you realize it or not, it can actually decrease your field of vision overtime, so the best thing to keep your car glass surfaces shining is to wipe them down every couple of weeks. Use a dry microfiber cloth for the interior surface, for the exterior, you could use a dry towel and a good quality glass cleaning solution. Add a tad bit of vinegar to achieve that glistening finish. If they are cracked, it’s best to get window glass replacement.
  2. Another quick tip to significantly increase the lifespan of your windshield glass is to avoid parking your car in the open sun. The harmful U.V rays from the sun can overtime harm the tint surface and disrupt the molecular structure of the glass. Small breaks in the glass can also worsen overtime if kept under direct sunlight for long periods of time, so try to find some shade before parking your car.
  3. Whether it’s the side mirrors, or the windshield, much debate has been done over the type of glass cleaner you should invest in. We generally recommend looking out for ammonia free formulas, that have “safe for window tinted glass and car usage” written on them. Overtime ammonia based products can release toxic fumes within the car interior and severely damage the rubber and leather parts of your car, which is why ammonia free products are absolutely essential.
  4. Another tip that most people don’t realize is the amount of damage slamming your car doors fiercely can do to your car glass windows. Slamming your car doors can produce abrupt vibrations that can cause the side windshields to displace from their usual place. These vibrations can make smaller breaks in the car more prominent and even irreversible. Try to handle your car doors as gently as you can.
  5. Your windshield wipers are as detrimental to your car’s windshield longevity as any other factor. Seem confused? Well we recommend checking your car wipers every now and then to sight for possible damages and dirt build up. A damaged windshield wiper can cause permanent cracks and scratches on your sensitive glass surface, which is why you should wipe down your wipers with a good quality windshield liquid to avoid the buildup of dirt and debris.
  6. Examine small breaks and chips on your glass surfaces, and aim to get it fixed as earliest as possible. Many factors such as the scorching heat, a damaged wiper or even the slightest of damages like a pebble can make the small breaks irreversible. 


So here you are Folks, even if you can’t incorporate all of these tips, we recommend practicing these hacks at least twice a month to keep your car glass surfaces functioning and glistening for the longest of time. If it’s not working or there is less visibility because of cracks, get window glass replacement immediately to save yourself from any mishap.

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