5 Tips For Buying Snowboard Pants For Men

There are a number of things you need to check before you buy your snowboard pants. The material, quality of the stuff, stitching, how good they are when it comes to breathing, waterproofing ability and the warmth they provide in winter. We have listed some of the useful tips everyone should check before selecting their skinny snowboard pants mens. By following these tips, we assure you will get a lot better snowboard pant for your needs

  1. Waterproofing

All the snowboard and ski pants are waterproof. According to the standards, Burton snowboard pants mens should have waterproofing between 5,000 and 20,000mm (5-20K). Moreover, the higher value of waterproofing is better and shows the fabric is more water resistant. Seam taping is also another factor you should consider while checking the waterproofing of the snowboard pants. The loose and open snowboards are not as good in waterproofing as hardshell pants. Lastly, the waterproofing range of the snowboard pants depends on the region. Different locations and places have different values. But a snowboarder should have pants with maximum waterproofing.

  1. Breathability

Like waterproofing and water resistance, breathability is also important to consider when you buy your snowboard pants. It’s less important than the first one but has a great role to ensure you get hands-on comfortable snowboard pants. The breathability is measured in grams and it shows how much air can get through. The most common measurement for breathability is between 5000-20000 g. Most of the people are comfortable with 10000 g while many are those who prefer just 5000 g. It’s up to you and you should decide which measurement is comfortable for you.

  1. Warmth

Warmth is the next factor you should check while buying skinny snowboard pants mens. This also varies from person to person because some people feel a lot of colds while others feel comfortable even in the intense cold weather conditions. Uninsulated snowboards have an extra lining of the shell and are more comfortable and warmer. People whose legs are cold in winter can use more base layers while those whose legs are not very cold can do away with one or two base layers. The number of layers plays an important role in protecting the wearer from cold.

  1. Fabric

With all the features and qualities, the fabric of the snowboard pants should also be considered. As you are about to use them in cold and intense weather conditions, you should pay attention to the fabric and what material they are made. You can’t afford if they are damaged or get broken while you need the maximum cover in cold. So always consider the best and recommended material of the fabric for your snowboard pants.

  1. Other Features

There are some other features as well that should be considered. The more features you have in your snowboard pants, the better it will be and you can enjoy it a lot. There should be a waterproof zip in your snowboard pants and it should also have headphone loops and pockets for carrying phones and tablets.

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