3 Key Points to Remember While Buying Pillow Covers

Pillows are typically the products people think about a lot before buying. They make sure it’s not too fluffy, not too firm, and the perfect shape for their body. However, few people consider what goes above the pillows, such as microsuede pillow cover.

Pillowcases are often overlooked, despite being an essential part of every bed kit. They can cover both your skin and your pillow. This means that having the best pillowcase will not only guarantee that your pillow lasts a long time it will also give you and your loved ones a great night’s sleep.

I’ve created a handy shopping guide to help you choose the best pillowcase every time. So, let’s read the article before you look for “faux fur throw blanket”.

Which Fabric Is the Best?

When shopping for some sort of bedding, the first thing to worry about is the fabric. Not only can the textures decide how long your new pillowcase lasts, but they will also impact how cozy it is. Fabrics that have an optimum softness that coziness and can last a long time are the best choice.

Pillowcases, including sheets and quilt covers, can be made of various natural and industrial materials. Sure, polyester fabrics can feel soft to the touch at first, but the use of synthetic materials is what makes them feel so silky and sleek. Not only are these materials less durable, but they also prevent the pillow or the skin from breathing.

So opt for materials like cotton and linen, which are very durable fabrics. You can also go for Genuine velvet pillowcases for a more decorative option.

Which Size Should I Order?

It’s time to think about the size of your pillowcase now that you know which fabrics are the finest. This process of selecting a pillowcase can seem easy, but it can be complicated.

In Australia, Europe, and the United States, four distinct pillow sizes are commonly used. There is a standard rectangular pillow that measures 48cm x 74cm. For twin, large, and queen beds, this style of pillow is usually recommended.

The typical European bed is square and measures 65 x 65 cm. The queen pillow is identical to the regular pillow, except it is slightly larger. A queen pillow’s standard size is 54 x 80 cm. The king pillow is 50 x 90 cm long and is made for king beds.

What Should Be the Thread Count?

The number of threads in a cloth is used to determine its consistency. The greater the number, the higher the quality. For, e.g., the “standard” thread count for cotton pillowcases is between 100 and 150, whereas higher-quality pillowcases start at around 180. A fabric with a count of 200 or higher is called high-quality.

However, just because a pillowcase has a high thread count doesn’t mean it’s of decent quality. Manipulation of the manufacturing process may also inflate the number of threads. To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, just buy from trustworthy stores.

Now that you know what to look for in the new pillow covers, you’ll be able to treat yourself to the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had!

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